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You can tell how old a male lion is by the appearance of his mane. As male lions age, their long manes of fur begin to darken. 

Elderly lions may also experience graying of their mane’s fur as they reach their final years. The texture of the fur may also be used to determine lions’ age, as their fur becomes more brittle and may have a duller appearance over time. Not all male lions have manes though—in the hottest climates, manes of fur would cause the animals to overheat. Therefore, other factors are used to estimate their age, such as more pronounced footsteps that indicate reduced eyesight and a decrease in the appearance of muscle tone. Book you African Holiday with Soulcare Retreats


Stressed out keeps fat on… It is wise to take regular breaks to get rid of stress and relax body, mind and spirit – Healer Omar


When we want to lean down and melt away some extra body fat, most of us know the general drill: restrict simple, refined carbs, burn more calories with exercise and physical activity, and monitor our caloric intake. But what about when this approach feels futile and depressing as the body fat still sticks, or worse yet, body fat proliferates? What are some of the pitfalls that we might be overlooking that are sabotaging our honest efforts to slim down? 

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As Healer & Owner of Soulcare my objectives are to provide better education to enhance people’s lifestyle’s, by satisfying their basic needs. Better nutrition, natural healing methods and natural farming that will assist in reducing CPI and inflation. In that way people will have more buying power to buy basic products. Through years of various marketing strategies in various business segments I came to realize, people want to do the right thing and are inherently good, but they still want to be rewarded for making the effort. That’s how Soulcare Lifestyle rewards program came about Lifestyle loyalty program will be the marketing driving force for Soulcare.


Earth has given us so many warnings. We have been given this beautiful planet to live on. We can say thank you, by changing the way we live by stop polluting the earth. Life is full of abundance all around us. Let’s take this and make it happen.


Honeybees have hair on their eyes. Honey bees really have hair on their eyes. The microscopic short hairs are known as setae and help the insect with navigation. As honey bees fly, the hair on their eyes catches the wind to help them figure out direction and speed while traveling. It can also sense levels of humidity in the air and help lead the honey bees toward plants with pollen. Although there are over 20,000 other species of bees, honey bees are among the only ones with hair covering their eyes. The honey bees’ eyes are made of hexagonal lenses, and are so strong, they can see ultraviolet light that the human eye cannot, which helps them differentiate between flowers that have nectar and those that don't.

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Real Astrology is very different to the popular culture Astrology that we read in magazines. It can and is used alongside counselling, is associated with psychotherapy and provides a guide to our character. But there are many more uses for Astrology

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Growing flowers organically:

Reduces toxic chemical usage.

Brings life to the soil.

Best for the environment.

Safer for farmers and farm workers.

Promotes long-term sustainability of farmland.

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Only a handful of natural remedy providers are FDA Registered Homeopathic Medicine. And Forces of Nature is the only line of medicine that’s both FDA Registered and USDA Certified Organic. This assures you every Forces of Nature product is made of the safest, purest ingredients available