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What is this? Farm restaurant LavkaLavka is a new Russian cuisine restaurant. We aren’t trying to recreate 18th century cuisine, but instead to keep these traditions and respectfully follow them it in our daily work. Our timeline ignores 20th century trends of gastronomic degradation in Russia. We cook and work like nothing happened, as if cuisine just naturally developed into present.

Our cuisine features:

We truly believe that the loss of traditional agricultural variety is a tragedy as for our gastronomy and for our country in general. There is history and story to tell behind each breed and species from each region – through lifestyle, traditions, culture, environment and more.

This is why we strive to rediscover, explore and bring back to our tables these forgotten products, which can be supplied locally by our farmers. Each of our guests will have the opportunity to understand that what he is eating is not only delicious with an original recipe and presentation, but that each meal is also an opportunity to reconnect with the great tradition of Russian cuisine by featuring the best of local and seasonal produce.



Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday 12:00 – 00:00
Friday, Saturday 12:00 – 01:00

Get table: +7 (903) 115-50-33 / +7 (495) 621-20-36

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