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Other Properties of Oxygen and General Chemistry

Although oxygen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is non-combustible, it’s not completely benign in all situations. Mixing liquid oxygen with fuel is highly explosive. Liquid oxygen can cause frostbite of the eyes and skin. Inhalation of 100% oxygen can cause mild, moderate, or severe problems such as nausea, pulmonary edema, or collapse.

Oxygen becomes a slightly bluish liquid at -183 Celsius. It has a water solubility of ml/100ml at 20 degrees Celsius.

How Oxygen Molecules are Formed

Oxygen atoms are neutral, as they possess eight protons (positive charge) and eight electrons (negative charge). Molecules are formed when two or more atoms are chemically joined together. When two oxygen atoms create a molecule, it is known as molecular oxygen (O2). This diatomic molecule is the oxygen required for respiration and supporting life.

Molecular oxygen was detected in space in 2011, could that mean extra-terrestrial life is out there? Scientists have known that individual oxygen atoms exist in space for quite some time, but the diatomic molecules were a new discovery. European and American space agencies’ findings suggest that oxygen is locked up in ice that coats tiny dust grains. The molecular oxygen they detected was formed after starlight warmed the icy grains, releasing water, which was converted into diatomic oxygen molecules.

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Oxygen in Our Lives

Whereas living creatures inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plant respiration is the opposite. Essentially, plants inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

In emergency situations, supplemental oxygen is given when normal oxygenation is impaired. Many things can impair oxygenation, anaphylaxis is a common catalyst. Carbon monoxide poisoning may also be treated by administering pure oxygen.

A more recently established use of oxygen includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves enclosing a person in a pressurized glass chamber where they breathe higher-than-normal levels of oxygen. A technician slowly increases the pressure to levels 1.5 to 3 times higher than normal atmospheric air pressure. The blood becomes more thoroughly saturated with oxygen and it’s believed that this therapy may help the body heal itself and speed injury recovery time.

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